Commercial Window Cleaning

Parkside Window Cleaners is one of the leading commercial window cleaning Manchester companies. We provide the best in class, for all your needs. Our friendly and efficient team members understand how important it is to maintain clean and dust-free spaces and yet how difficult it is to do so.

Windows, especially, are a problem area which needs special cleaning techniques. With our commercial window cleaning Ashton-wide you get impeccable hassle-free window shine.

Commercial Window Cleaning Salford

Water Fed Pole Cleaning

We use the latest water-fed pole cleaning services for commercial window cleaning. This is far superior to the traditional scraper cleaning technique used to clean windows. This method also ensures safety for our professionals who remain at the ground level.

We use purified water for its natural quality of attracting dust and dirt and later, dry it using natural drying techniques. This ensures that no harsh chemicals are used for the cleaning process. The water fed pole cleaning system is fully compliant with the latest commercial health and safety guidelines.

It can be operated from the ground and there is no need for ladders or other hazardous implements. These poles can reach up to seventy feet, which is almost six storeys high. Even inaccessible places can be reached and cleaned with the help of this method.

Our Commercial Window Cleaning Ashton Process

When you request for an appointment with us, our professionals visit and survey the job-site to make an estimate of the work and plan it out effectively. Moreover, a risk assessment is carried out by our qualified professionals to ensure the safety of the job & that of the persons involved.

On the appointed day, we arrive at the site with all our equipment. We source our own water. You only need to give us some parking space for our vehicle.

Why Choose Us

  • We have years of experience to give you unmatched commercial window cleaning service
  • Our friendly professionals are fully trained and equipped to handle the specialised equipment and techniques involved in commercial window cleaning
  • Our flexible and affordable services are designed for your convenience
  • We provide consistent service every time we undertake a cleaning job
  • We assure incomparable customer satisfaction
Commercial Window Cleaning Salford

Our reputation as a leading cleaning company in Ashton has been built over the years with the help of our unmatched service and matchless customer satisfaction. Get a taste of that satisfaction now; call us and fix an appointment with us today to get the best commercial window cleaning job from Parkside Cleaning Services. Call 0161 301 5217 now for a no obligation quote.